Helping Hands

Redefining a New Career

Many new age Mat-Gens (mature generation) are redefining purpose in the second half of life as a gateway to a new Encore Career.  Retirement transition from success to significance means more than a time to end life’s career work, as you have known for the past 30 plus years.  It extends beyond re-organizing priorities for the big shift, it is the time to embrace and incorporate one of life’s greatest virtues in our value system.  Humility stands at the forefront for measuring success in life’s second phase and is the cornerstone, which connects a higher level of success for fulfillment, meaning, purpose and longevity in the bonus years ahead.  In addition, humble/humility is one of the barometers that measure the highest level of authenticity in life next phase as significant for a new Encore Career.

Tips for a New Encore Career

  1. Re-discover your strengths
  2. Find needs and fill them
  3. Esteem others better than oneself
  4. Connect and care for others
  5. Use your gifts, talents, experience, and wisdom to help create change
  6. Look for ways to make a difference in your community

“And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” — Matthew 23:12


Have you ever become filled to the brim with emotions where your eyes overflowed with tears of joy?  Such an expression I experienced this weekend at the United States Marine Corps base in 29 Palms California.  I was there to

Briefing Ceremony

witness the ceremony for my nephew’s promotion to Captain, a position that is held only by a few at his young age.  I had never been on a military base whereby I actually saw so many military men and women dressed in uniform and standing at attention during a ceremony.  My heart leaped for joy and pride for each of these men and women for their sacrifice to ensure security and safety of these United States.   I did the next best thing and that  was to join their line for a memorable photo.

I toured his office — overwhelmed by the awards, plaques, pins, pictures and yes, his Purple Heart medal and certificates.  He served as an officer  in Iraq where  he was wounded and lost some of his men at his feet.  In less than one year after his wounds healed he was off again to Afghanistan to serve again. 

This memorable experience reinforced my thanks and gratitude for men and women in all branches of military service.  My prayer to every one is to take a moment daily to give thanks for our military men and women who serve and sacrifice with humility and honor.

While you’re preparing your lists for the holidays, don’t forget to add a gift or two for them — perhaps a pair of heavy socks; and, be sure to enclose a card to express your appreciation.

Free from Frustration

 Have you ever been stuck on a treadmill of frustration? Saturday morning found me in a state of boredom as I searched for peace, rest and serenity.  Fed up with household chores and working on the computer, the walls seemed to close in on me as I gasped for fresh air beyond that of an air conditioner.  Arizona’s temperature was a blazing 109+ degrees outdoors and it was impossible to open windows without nature’s heat rushing through the screens.  My energy level registered minus zero, tired, overworked and my fingers ached from typing on the keyboard and my body felt like a twisted pretzel. 

 I was ready to scream when I focused my eyes on my car keys hanging very still on a hook.  I removed the keys and caressed them in my hands when immediately I began to feel a sense of relaxation and a sudden happiness when I remembered – I’ve never travelled to Prescott.  Suddenly I became a free spirit motivated by the challenge of driving off into the unknown with the windows down and breathing cooler air.

 I drove to Prescott enamored by the beauty of its mountainous terrains, valleys, barren rocks and highways that weaved through curves taking me higher to a plane of consciousness and inner peace. This coupled with meditation and a melody of songs; two hours later I was 5,300 feet above sea level amongst  trees, grass and quaint homes perched on the side of mountains – reminding me of my childhood in West Virginia.

 I welcomed the 70 degree temperature and marveled at the sun set over the horizons of the mountain tops.  Nature in all of its beauty and splendor erased the doldrums of earlier boredom and tiredness.  As I visited with a few residents at a local restaurant they were friendly and proud to share comments of life in their mile-high country.   I felt revived and alive again.

 Change your scenery, do something different, reflect on positive thoughts  to  make a difference in how you feel and think about your old environment.  It re-news your spirit, re-energizes the soul and turbo-charges your energy.

 5 step Action Plan

  1. Refuse to accept frustration, stress or depression as an option to living your life livelier and full of joy.
  2. Change your scenery, do something out of the ordinary so that you can grasp hold to an extraordinary emotional high.
  3. Take your mind through a metamorphic mental change…find meaning and purpose in life.
  4. Embrace a period of meditation with a song.
  5. Be passionate about who you are and be still and know that God is with you.



 A Curve is an interesting phenomenon especially when directions abruptly changes.  It is often detrimental to  persons who are recipients of the curve.  The nature of curves is virtually always unknown. Therefore, a state of preparedness is seldom possible, sometimes resulting in absolute devastation.  For some however, curves seen or unseen represents an opportunity to test one’s skill, fortitude, and  ability in what appears a completely unstable situation.  There are individuals who thrive on challenges presented in curves.  It provides them with sometimes unsettling, but beneficial awareness of their superiority or their inferiority to their adversaries.

If one is a follower of auto racing, notice when the driver uses his unique mental edge to negotiate curves, maintain mechanical stability and control velocity directions in the curve.  A little mental foresight beyond the curve have often resulted the racer that maintains the highest level of those qualities first place and subsequent victory.

A curve, seen or unseen in life without flexibility, stability and clear thinking will most assuredly determine the fate of one’s life.  Whether they crash, survive, or realize total victory and temporary superiority often another will surely come. Each curve requires mental skills in the same manner as the previous with one exception; experience began to play a major role on subsequent curves.

Drive for the straits and you will crash in the curve, drive for the curve and you might survive, drive beyond the curve and victory belongs to you.

 And, so it is with life – regardless of age or status, curves appears in different forms, formats and shapes.  There are always curves, however having a map or plan for living the life desired makes the journey worthwhile. Being open and flexible to changes will check the pressure of stress.

 Be inspired to take the challenge of curves and aspire for a winning journey.  Chasing your passion and not your pension adds a new taste of joy and contentment while on your journey.  Live life lively: You can! Enjoy and be safe.

Splendor of Change

 Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in the year.  Nature in its entire splendor presents us with an array of blazing colors amongst its trees and flowers against a soft powder blue sky and rivers that flows of navy blue.  An artist palette cannot begin to compete with natures colors.

 As season’s transition from winter, spring summer to fall, it reminds us of changes in life as we live it.  Transitioning from the old to something new is a time for excitement.  It is a time to release the past and look forward to new beginnings of the next season; keeping within only memories of yesterday.  And, so it is with life.  Prior to retirement  is an ideal time to re-set the barometer for quantum leaps toward a new life and chart a course of choice according to your hearts pre-designed plan.

 If it is to be, it is up to me. . .

You hold the pen in your hand; you are in complete control of you.  Write your plan for living a life of purpose and meaning to insure joy and happiness on the journey.  Along the way, take time to smell the flowers, inhale fresh air and show kindness to others.  Seize new opportunities as you transition from success to significance; do what matters most for yourself and others as part of your personal destiny.

Remember, there’s only 1,440 minutes each day and time passes quickly. What will you do with your minutes in your bonus years?

 Contact Barbara to talk to your group about how to bridge the gap between a Financial Plan and Life Plan, Retirement Readiness and Life Planning for the Bonus Years ahead. Barbara walks her talk as she motivates and energizes to breakthrough self-imposed barriers to new beginnings and move forward into the second half of life.


Catch the Vision

What motivates some people to find extraordinary meaning in life after 50? Could it be their vision of something bigger and better is always out there for them to conquer and soar to higher heights or could it be their perception of aging is greater than the number itself. When I wrote my book 70 is the New 40 – Bonus Years Here We Come!, little did I know I would be introduced to so many people who have taken quantum leaps from one level of success to another level of living a life of phenomenal joy and caressing every minute. Some have given life to their dreams deferred and made them come true; some have used the power of their portfolio of knowledge, experience and skills for creative  endeavors.  Many have transitioned from success to significance by helping to make the world a better place for life and enjoyment.

Regardless of age, music is one of life’s ageless jewels that brings joy, meaning and purpose to both young and old.  An 82 year old friend remains to be ‘in demand’ for her songs as she illuminates hearts through beautiful music. 

 Forget age, become ageless – be in pursuit of living and loving LIFE!


Priorities for the Ageless Journey

  • Define your perception of life satisfaction.
  • Cultivate and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Establish and maintain a vertical connection to your higher being.
  • Eliminate negative thoughts and distractions from your life. (more…)